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I have been keeping a family blog for 7 years now, and a blog for my Photography business for 5.  So why start a new blog?  Why now?  What’s this all about?

This year I gave birth to my fifth child, and while she is an absolute joy, a wonderful addition to our family, she has officially given me a run for my money.  During this time of overwhelming change, I realized, “hey, I’ve got more to say then my family/photography blogs allow.”  I have a lot of interests, I enjoy sharing those with others, and I want to do that on my own fun blog just for me.  Thus has begun.

There were a few important questions I asked when starting a blog.

1)      Blogger vs. WordPress, what’s the difference?: and are both Blogger blogs.  I have had a great time using Blogger.  When I decided to start a blog of my own, I wasn’t sure why I would want to change, but noticed that the majority of the blogs I followed were self-hosted WordPress blogs.  Why?  I did some pretty extensive research, and found out why others preferred WordPress.  Most didn’t really know why.  Others were “techies” and had a preference based on reasons that were totally over my head.   But one web developer I talked to said, if you are interested in blogging as a profession somewhere down the line, WordPress is your best option.  So, I made the switch.  I wanted the flexibility to grow my blog without needing to make a big change in the future.

2)      What in the heck is a self-hosted blog?: As I eluded above, the “tech” stuff if not my forte.  When I made the decision to go with WordPress, imagine my surprise that WordPress has two versions,, and  What the what?  Let me just boil it down to my decision, I went with, the self-hosted platform.  With this version you have many more options for customization, and monetization.

3)      How to I self-host my blog?: there are only a million or so options for hosting, but this step was surprisingly simple for me.  I already had my domain name through GoDaddy, so when I went to my dashboard and clicked hosting, GoDaddy installed WordPress and basically did all the work for me.

4)      How do I start a blog that is pretty?: obviously, I wanted my blog to be pretty.  There are SO, SO many options out there. I searched and searched for someone who shared my aesthetic and offered a wide range of services to fit my needs.  My search ended when I discovered Lynsey of Shiny Magic.  Her style spoke to me, and she was able to answer all my naïve questions in a way that made me feel heard and helped.  And as you can see, she did a great job.

5)      How do I start a blog that is interesting?: frankly, I don’t really know.  My goal here is just to start.  The process is going to be a bit, stream of consciousness.  I intend to share my ideas and my life and see where it goes from there.

And that my friends, is how you start a blog.  Or rather, how I started this blog.


I’m excited to share.  What are your interests?

Inspirational Quotes for Your Sabbath Day

last night i had the privilege of attending the General Women’s Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  it was a special occasion, because it was the first time all girls 8 years old and up were invited, and i have a new 8 year old.  we were duly inspired and uplifted.  it is nearly impossible to choose the most inspiring quote from the evening.  but this one made an impression.

inspiring lds quotes womens conferenceHappy Sabbath!


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