my best friend’s baby – newborn portrait

while i love photographing newborn babies, i have never been a “birth photographer.”  nor, did i ever consider it an interest.  i didn’t even have a photographer for any of my children’s births.  but the circumstances of my best friends newest arrival made me reconsider.

upon the call that the baby was coming, i grabbed the girls out of school, and headed straight to California, hoping to offer some love and hugs before the birth and be among the first to meet the baby.  when i pulled into my parents, the baby wasn’t yet born, so i eagerly sped to the hospital.  to my surprise, my best friend and i were both totally cool with me staying in the room for the pending birth, something neither one of us had considered an option before.  during the course of this sweet experience, i did not think or even offer to pull out the camera, but it did open my mind to the idea for sometime in the future.

mom and dad were whisked off to the operating room for an unplanned c-section, and finally Nash was born.  this is why i brought my camera!  what a sweet little boy!

so, am i thinking of adding “birth photography” to the repertoire?  i don’t know, but i’m more open to it after such a sweet experience.