weekly photo challenge: threshold

five-year-old-portrait-photosa threshold.  a new beginning.  crossing over into someplace new, different, exciting.

this prompt got me thinking of this photo. an image of a five year old on the threshold of a new beginning: school.  how often as mothers do we get so wrapped up in all the wonderful new beginnings our children are experiencing that we forget to notice, appreciate, and revel in our own.  lately i’ve been noticing the anticipation, excitement, confusion, and electricity of change in the air for myself.  i am at a threshold.  where does it lead? at the moment, i’m feeling it’s the threshold of a time machine. i get the feeling that the time has come, not to reinvent myself, but to re-establish myself.

i have just added our fifth child to the family, we are complete.  the time has come to pick up the pieces of this broken body and move forward, healing, restoring myself.  now is the time to take a look in the mirror and regain my sense of style, of self.  while my children stand ready to cross the many exciting thresholds that life has to offer.  i too am ready to cross this threshold of mine.  i’m ready to re-establish myself.